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www.sellurstock.com is a simple concept that we don't need fancy presentations and catalogues or salespeople to explain it. We exist to create a pure marketplace for other distributors, Dealers, Wholesalers to buy and re-sell your dead stock. It is rightly quoted that “One man's trash is another man's treasure”.

Our main USP is that we immediately confirm whether we can liquidate the stock and also freeze the prices without much time. We immediately confirm the price as well and on evaluation take 100% risk on ourselves before even researching if we would be able to sell the stocks later on. This ensures peace of mind for the seller and we start with our efforts to sell the stock to the right buyer. In fact just to reaffirm our confidence we even give a token advance for the stock. This really seals the deal and the seller can be rest assured that the stock sold.



www.sellurstock.com is the vision of a professional consultant who has in his associations seen several lacs of profits going down the drain due to the problem of dead stock, slow movers etc. In an endeavour to provide solution to the owners of such stocks, this website has been started and with wide experience and immense contacts the search for the right seller will definitely be possible.

Don't waste any more time or money. You can upload all your dead stock quickly and see it move out of your warehouse.
So…sell you unwanted stocks before they turn into NON SALEABLE everywhere.